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  • Karate for Everyone


    At Seido Karate Devonport classes and training is fully integrated. Both men and women, youth and seniors train together in a great environment. Everyone is challenged to be their best and to continue to better their best.

    Their is a strong cameraderie amongst members and a strong team of experienced and qualified instructors.

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  • Karate with personal trainers

    excellent personal trainers!

    Take a look through our instructor's mini bio's.

  • Mixed Karate Classes for men and women


    We have great mixed classes where students of different strengths learn how to work with each other. All students are encouraged to expand their physical and mental boundaries at a safe‚ manageable pace.

    “The art of karate lies not in victory or defeat‚ but in the perfection of the character of the participants.” – Master Gichin Funakoshi

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  • Karate classes for children


    Seido Karate teaches skills and confidence from day one.

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Why join our dojo?

Seido makes it easy to try.

We offer our new students a free trial period to try out Seido Karate at our Devonport dojo. Come join us if you want to belong to a friendly club, increase your level of fitness and learn new skills. These classes allow you to ease into the program easily and safely.

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Children's Classes

Children‚ the future of Seido.

From the very first class‚ Seido Karate has direct application into the everyday lives of our students. While our children’s program promotes physical fitness and a practical method of self–defense, we foster a greater appreciation for self–control and mental awareness.

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Fitness & Conditioning

Challenge yourself.

Our goal is to develop students to achieve more for themselves than they perhaps thought possible. By building confidence, self-discipline, physical fitness and camaraderie in a friendly, supportive and non-competitive envoironment students find that karate benefits their everyday lives.

Training Tips

Great experience to draw on.

Seido Karate is not about who can kick highest, is strongest, or can win a fight, but instead encourages individuals to strive to do their best and to challenge themselves by pushing beyond their perceived limitations while training in a safe and constructive envoironment.

“We're all treated equally in this dojo!”

“As a relatively new student to the Devonport Karate dojo (I joined after my daughter did), I’ve come to appreciate and love the even-handedness in the approach of the leadership. Men and women train together and women are not treated any differently on the dojo floor to men. I love the fact that my daughter, my son and I can do the same classes together and we all get to benefit!”
– Marcel Norkia

Osu! Welcome to Devonport Karate Club

Seido Karate Devonport is in it’s 22nd year!

Seido Karate has been operating in Devonport for over 21 years.

Devonport Seido Karate is a non profit incorporated society. Classes are taken by qualified black belt instructors who have a comprehensive range of skills and teaching methods. Instructors are not paid‚ but teach to offer back to others what Seido karate gives them. Our chief instructors‚ Jun Shihan Danny Watson (6th dan)‚ and Kyoshi Bruce Craig (5th dan) have over 50 years experience between them.

Get to know who your personal karate instructors are:

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