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  • Karate Dojo Etiquette
  • Karate Etiquette
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  • Mixed Karate Classes for men and women


    We have great mixed classes where students of different strengths learn how to work with each other. All students are encouraged to expand their physical and mental boundaries at a safe‚ manageable pace.

    “The art of karate lies not in victory or defeat‚ but in the perfection of the character of the participants.” – Master Gichin Funakoshi

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    From the very first class‚ Seido Karate has direct application into the everyday lives of our students.

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Dojo Etiquette

Etiquette is not to establish a pecking order. It is to establish respect for our sport and each other.
  • General Guide to Dojo Etiquette

    This page has some general rules of etiquette. For a full explanation of dojo etiquette download this Beginners Guide.

  • Before Entering the Dojo

    Students are expected to remove their shoes before entering the dojo and to ensure that their feet are clean. We want to keep our practice mats as clean as possible, so ensuring your feet are clean helps in this regard.

  • On Entering the Dojo

    On entering the dojo, greet the senior instructor (Shihan/Kyoshi/Sensei/Senpei) and any other black belts that may be in the dojo. The greeting is a loud “OSU”. (The “U” in “OSU” is not pronounced)

  • When you are addressed by an instructor

    When an instructor (Shihan/Kyoshi/Sensei/Senpei) addresses you, acknowledge it by saying “OSU”(The “U” in “OSU” is not pronounced) loudly and clearly followed by their title. As an example “OSU SHIHAN”

  • When you address an instructor

    When you address an instructor (Shihan/Kyoshi/Sensei/Senpei), say “OSU”(The “U” in “OSU” is not pronounced) loudly and clearly, followed by their title, before you pose a question or reply to a question asked.

    As an example “OSU SHIHAN”, “Yes I understand.”

  • During classes and training

    When the class is in session there is to be no conversation other than bewteen the instructor and the students or if necessary, between students when called to assist each other in the course of training. Otherwise students are to remain silent.

    When you are not actively involved in an exercise, kata or any form of karate practice do not fidget or make adjustments to your gi.

  • On exiting and entering the dojo during class

    When the class is in session and you exit to fetch training gear, say “OSU” loudly and clearly. Upon entering again, say “OSU” again.

  • Adjusting your karate gi during class

    At times the need may arise to adjust your gi. If you just need to move it back into place, wait until the instructor tells you to relax and then quickly move it.

    If it has come undone and needs to be re-tied and your obi needs to be done up, then turn your back to the Shinzen, go down on one knee and make the necessary corrections. Once you have tied your obi you can get up and rejoin the class.

  • When you arrive late

    If you arrive late do not say “OSU” and walk straight in. Say “OSU”. Ensure that you are facing away from the shinzen, but that your back is not facing it, and wait to be acknowledged to join the class by the instructor. When you receive the invitation say, “OSU” (with the appropriate title of the instructor) and then move quickly to your position moving around the outside of the dojo. Do not cross directly over the dojo floor.

“We're all treated equally in this dojo!”

“I joined Seido Karate Devonport when my children started a year ago and the experience has been great. We have all found the dojo to be a warm welcoming place and the instructors passionate and engaging. Self defence is the core of what is taught and I would recommend to anyone interested in learning a martial art, self defence or to become part of the local community to bring the family along come and give it a go!”
– Megan Tapsell