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    excellent personal trainers!

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    We have great mixed classes where students of different strengths learn how to work with each other. All students are encouraged to expand their physical and mental boundaries at a safe‚ manageable pace.

    “The art of karate lies not in victory or defeat‚ but in the perfection of the character of the participants.” – Master Gichin Funakoshi

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    From the very first class‚ Seido Karate has direct application into the everyday lives of our students.

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This is where you can find info about student participation in national and local events.
  • ADULT GRADING Monday April 4 2016

    If you think you are ready to grade please check your classes and ask your instructor. If green belt and above then you will need the perequisite number of sparring classes.

    Also check if you need to make up any self defences


    • It's fast approaching that time of year again. Midnight kicks and punches here we come.

      All grades welcome from beginners to senoirs.

      For more information contact us via the contact page

    St MICHAEL’S CHURCH HALL (159 Bayswater Ave, off Lake Road, North Shore)

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  • North Island Seido Karate Tournament 2012

    The Seido Karate Dojo in Devonport really showed off its home–grown talent at this month’s North Island Seido Karate Tournament 2012 held in Wellington. This is the largest Seido tournament in New Zealand so the atmosphere was exciting with over 150 competitors from dojos in Christchurch ‚ Nelson‚ Te Awamutu‚ Wellington and Auckland.

    Devonport Dojo 2012!

    The highlights for this year was Devonport Student‚ Senpai Alex Asher (2nd Dan Blackbelt) winning the Sogo award as the Overall Mens Champion at the tournament‚ Senpai Stewart Fletcher (2nd Dan Blackbelt) winning the Black Belt Weapons Kata and Kenya Ishibashi winning gold in the male brown belt kumite/ sparring 13–15 years.

    There were some notable moments that deserve mention. Despite Senpai Alex losing a close fight against a much larger opponent‚ Sensei Phillip Seemann‚ in the super-heavy weight kumite (90kg +), he went on to win bronze against an equally talented Deport karateka‚ Senpai Ashley Keyworth who narrowly came fourth in the super-heavy weight kumite and silver in the Black Belts points kumite after only having just arrived in the country from a year spent in the Cook Islands. Kenya Ishibashi also won his division in points sparring with skill and determination by attaining the required 8 point differential to decide the round.

    The team came back to Devonport dojo proud of the 9 medals they earned at the tournament:
    Alex Asher – Sogo (Overall Champion) Award‚ Gold in Male Black Belt Heavy Weight Semi–Contact Kumite‚ Gold in Points Kumite, ‚ Silver in Male Black Belt Weapons Kata‚ Bronze in Male Black Belt Super Heavy Weight Semi–Contact Kumite and Bronze in Individual Kata.

    Stewart Fletcher – Silver in Male Black Belt Weapons Kata

    Ashley Keyworth – Silver in Male Black Belt Points Kumite

    Kenya Ishibashi – Gold in Male Brown Belt Points Kumite and Bronze in Individual Kata.

    Scott Rankin - Silver in Male Green/Brown Belt Light/Medium Weight

    The Devonport dojo often performs well in tournaments and has a strong reputation for excellent coaching from instructors that have achieved their own great success in previous national and international competitions. The team reiterated that‚ “The outstanding results were certainly a strong reflection of quality of our instructors‚ especially Jun Shihan Danny Watson and Kyoshi Graham Ironside‚ who were incredibly supportive of the team from the 6 months training before right through to the last round of the 2012 tournament.”

    Jun Shihan Danny wants to congratulate the team on their wonderful success‚ at training for the tournament with great commitment‚ attending and competeing. In particular congratulations to Kyoshi Graham for once again preparing and training the team to such a high standard.

  • National Inter–Club Competition 2011

    Members of the Seido Devonport Karate Club were so dominant at the 2011 inter–club competition that most of the team came away with several medals.

    Devonport Dojo wins!
  • Narrowneck Beach Training 2008

    Members of the Seido Devonport Karate Club training at Narrowneck Beach. Take a look at the photo archive.

“We're all treated equally in this dojo!”

“As a relatively new student to the Devonport Karate dojo (I joined after my daughter did), I’ve come to appreciate and love the even-handedness in the approach of the leadership. Men and women train together and women are not treated any differently on the dojo floor to men. I love the fact that my daughter, my son and I can do the same classes together and we all get to benefit!”
– Marcel Norkia