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    We have great mixed classes where students of different strengths learn how to work with each other. All students are encouraged to expand their physical and mental boundaries at a safe‚ manageable pace.

    “The art of karate lies not in victory or defeat‚ but in the perfection of the character of the participants.” – Master Gichin Funakoshi

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    From the very first class‚ Seido Karate has direct application into the everyday lives of our students.

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Dojo News


    Welcome back!

    The start of a new year is a good opportunity to think about our training.

    We should approach every class with the attitude that we will give a full 100% effort every time we step on the dojo floor . This means every technique we do should be focused and made with total commitment. This applies whether we are doing drills practicing our basic blocks, kicks and punches, or learning something new. Remember that katas consist of basic techniques that we are all familiar with. So although we may be learning a new kata or combination and may be unsure of the overall pattern of moves we should still be doing each individual technique with 100% commitment and focus.

    You can go through an entire class just doing the moves, or you can fully commit to the class and give it everything you have. Remember that the energy you produce by training hard is contagious and is passed on and picked up by the other people training. This raises the energy for the whole class. On the other hand if you only put in a minimum effort this has a negative effect on the other students and the overall level of energy in the class drops noticeably.

    The other thing to remember is that in karate you never stop learning. Obviously we are keen to learn the new curriculum that comes after a grading but it is important to keep practicing what you have learned previously. No matter how well you know kata or kihon for example you should always look for that little something that will improve it, or make it more effective, each time you practice it.

    You should leave the dojo at the end of a class feeling that you have put everything into the class. If you don't, you have not only cheated yourself, but have also been disrespectful to your fellow students.

    So make that comitment that to train hard!



    Devonport dojo held their annual Auckland camp at Shakespear Lodge‚ Whangaparaoa over the weekend of October 12 – 14th.

    Over 50 students from Devonport‚ Morningside and Te Awamutu dojos attended. Numbers were made up of students of all ages and grades‚ families and black belts. Our guest instructors from Christchurch were Shihan Harry and Sensei Troy. The theme for the camp was “new beginnings ”.

    Shihan Danny had organised the camp in a different way this year, so that rather than people being split into groups of kyu grades every one from beginners to black belts worked and trained together for the entire weekend. This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to pick up skills from other grades and as Shihan Danny pointed out Senpais‚ Sensei and other seniors can learn as much from kyu grades as they in turn do from their instructors.

    Early morning meditation‚ the ritual 1000 punches in the middle of the night followed by 1000 kicks the following night are always part of camp routine. The other classes were different to what most of us had experienced at previous camps. These covered everything from sparring techniques‚ making use of the energy stored in our own‚ as well as our opponent's‚ body to ground wrestling.

    We were very privileged to have Shihan Harry and Sensei Troy pass on some of their vast knowledge and experience to us. Hard work means the body needs to be well fed and Sensei Jan worked wonders in the kitchen to provide memorable food that kept everyone energised for the weekend. How many camps have you been to that provide real plunger coffee? No wonder everyone said they would be back again next year!

    As well as being an opportunity to learn and practice karate skills camp is also a place to make and renew friendships with students from other dojos. On Saturday night we gathered in the dojo and Shihan Danny introduced the “talking stick” which allowed everyone to stand up and explain what new beginnings meant to them. Although this initially took some people outside their comfort zone it was a very interesting exercise for everone. The fact that people felt comfortable enough to stand up and talk about their personal lives‚ as well as their karate‚ showed what a safe and comfortable environment Seido provides.

    Sunday’s final class combined everything we had learned over the weekend and was a great opportunity for the different grades to put what they had been shown into practice.

    If you weren’t able to make it this year then do try to get there for the next one!


    Several parents have who have expressed interest in training have mentioned that they can't spare the extra hour in the evening and would like to train from 5pm to 6pm. To help with this‚ we invite all parents who wish to train‚ to join in with our kids classes on Monday and Tuesday nights at 5pm.

    For parents and care-givers, the classes will run free of charge until the end of August. Children will still have to pay.

    To take advantage of this special offer simply come to training and sign in at the beginning of the class.

    Some points to help you with your training.

    • Please wear comfortable clothing such as track pants and t-shirts. Bring something warm to wear after training

    • Please arrive a little early for training if you can.

    • Please park on the street so that the instructors can use the carpark at the church.

    We look forward to sharing the philosophy of Seido Karate with you all.

    Warmest regards.

    Jun Shihan Danny Watson.

    A pdf of this message is down loadable here.

  • “We're all treated equally in this dojo!”

    “I joined Seido Karate Devonport when my children started a year ago and the experience has been great. We have all found the dojo to be a warm welcoming place and the instructors passionate and engaging. Self defence is the core of what is taught and I would recommend to anyone interested in learning a martial art, self defence or to become part of the local community to bring the family along come and give it a go!”
    – Megan Tapsell