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Our Dojo

Seido makes it easy to try.

We offer our new students a free trial period to try out Seido Karate at our Devonport dojo. Come join us if you want to belong to a friendly club‚ increase your level of fitness and learn new skills. These classes allow you to ease into the program easily and safely.

Fitness & Conditioning

Challenge yourself

Our goal is to develop students to achieve more for themselves than they perhaps thought possible. By building confidence, self-discipline, physical fitness and camaraderie in a friendly‚ supportive and non-competitive envoironment students find that karate benefits their everyday lives.

Children’s Classes

The future of Seido

From the very first class‚ Seido Karate has direct application into the everyday lives of our students. While our children’s program promotes physical fitness and a practical method of self–defense‚ we foster a greater appreciation for self–control and mental awareness.

Self Defence

Learn Self Confidence

Learning to defend yourself is more than just learning to fight. Balance, awareness, poise, timing, distancing, body rythym are some of the aspects taught at Seido. As well as the traditional kicking and punching, Seido also teaches, grappling, takedowns, sweeps, ground work and rolling. Sparring is not compulsory until green belt.

About Our Dojo

Devonport Seido Karate is a non-profit incorporated society, teaching karate on the Devonport Peninsula since 1990. Classes are taken by qualified black belt instructors who have a comprehensive range of skills and teaching methods. Instructors are not paid‚ but teach to offer back to others what Seido karate gives them. Our chief instructors‚ Sei Shihan Danny Watson and Sei Shihan Bruce Craig have over 50 years of experience between them.

Class Schedule

At Seido Karate Devonport classes and training are fully integrated. Both men and women, youth and seniors train together in a great environment. Everyone is challenged to be their best and to continue to better their best.

There is a strong camaraderie among members and a strong team of experienced and qualified instructors.

5pm – 6pm
Children’s General Class

6pm – 7.30pm
Adults’ General Class

7.30pm – 8.30pm

6pm – 7pm
Adults’ General Class

5pm – 6pm
Children’s Advanced Class

6pm – 7.30pm
Black Belt Class

7.30pm – 8.30pm

6pm – 7.30pm
Adults’ General class

Meet Your Instructors

Sei Shihan Danny

Sei Shihan Bruce

Jun Shihan Nhi

Kyoshi Shane

Senpai Matt

Contact Us

We’d be happy to provide you with additional information about individual courses and instructors at Seido Devonport Karate Club. Stop by the dojo during one of our class times or contact us below.





159 Bayswater Ave, Bayswater, Auckland . info@seidokarate.co.nz

159 Bayswater Ave, Bayswater, Auckland . info@seidokarate.co.nz